About the Artist and Designer, Brigitta Racz

Brigitta Racz Tubidu DesignHi, I'm Brigitta! I started Tubidu Design (also known as Tubidu Graphics) many years ago, combining both my love for architecture and design with art to create my line of colorful and unique art pieces.

I have a Master's degree in architecture and worked as an interior designer for almost ten years. I also have a degree in art and a strong passion for colors. I have been interested in buildings since my childhood; they magnetized me, especially those that have aged with time, which had a history. I imagined stories behind the facades, and I felt they told me stories.

Most of my drawings show a cityscape or an existing building, but with vibrant colors, transferring the visitor this way from reality to my reality.

Before our family, with my husband and daughter, moved to Germany, we had the chance to live in the beautiful city of Paris for five years. The uniqueness of the Parisian architecture and the atmosphere of the city have been a great impact on my work.

My artworks and products integrate all my experience and passion for architecture, art, and color, and as a designer, I am happy to recommend them to enrich your interior decoration and color up your everyday life.